I believe in the beauty of birth

and the power of the female body,

and I can help you to believe, too.

Meet Meme Tuohy:



The Natural Birth Doula

Natural, un-interfered with birth is my passion. I respect everyone’s right to birth how they choose, but educating about and supporting natural, untouched birth is what inspires me to do what I do. Once you learn a little bit about the incredible intelligence of our bodies, you’ll understand why I care so much about helping women to birth without unnecessary intervention.

The Photographer Doula

I know that hiring both a doula and a birth photographer can be a big expense, not to mention that it means having extra people in your birth space. However, it can be really hard to decide between the two. With me, you don’t have to choose. I offer custom packages that combine my doula services with my photography services for a much lower cost than hiring two separate people. Obviously, there has to be some level of compromise as I won’t be able to provide as much attention to each role as two separate people, but this can still work well in certain situations.

The Foreigner Doula

I’m originally from the USA, and I know first hand what it’s like to not have your family present as a support system. I believe that all women need “mothering” around their time of birth, and I love providing that for women whose mothers aren’t physically present in their lives, for whatever reason.